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Why this blog?

Since February 2019, I have been writing my "Artistic Adventure" in a small notebook ... Why this notebook? To leave a written record for my children. Time passes, the works remain and everyone has their interpretation. That's the charm of art ... But I wanted them to know behind the scenes. Painting is not only taking a brush, painting and selling ... It is a wonderful adventure since it is based on a strong passion, but the adventure is not a long calm river ... As with everything, people see what we want to show and interpret things the way they want, without knowing what is really behind it. When I decided to make a living from my art, it took me a while to be taken seriously, and I'm still working on it. Painting is seen as a hobby, and the time spent building a career is often seen as a hobby. But a career is not only built with brushes ... It is not because we choose to paint that we become a recognized artist overnight. I am on this long road without knowing the finality of it but that I stop one day or that I manage to live of my passion, I wish that my children understand that although it is initially a hobby, painting can become a job but for that, as with any job, you have to work and overcome obstacles. Today, I want to write that the game is worth the candle. There is nothing more motivating to have the goal of being able to live off your passion ... But I am also aware of the fragility of this energy. A passion can be a huge source of motivation but it also boils so strong in us that it can be devastating ...

So in February 2019, I picked up a pen and started writing in my black notebook. I love small notebooks. To write, to bite ... I liked this immediately. Black with golden leaf edges, pages lined with small dots, but above all an elastic to slip a pen! It seems trivial but imagine yourself with this desire to write your few lines and impossible to find a pen ... The time to find one your phone rang and as at that moment you were doing nothing and you answered well ... And time has passed and when you hang up the flow is no longer there, you no longer have time, or you even forgot that you wanted to write ... And yes it's real life, even with a hanging pen! Since then, I write my thoughts on my art, my adventures, my little pleasures ... Regularly? Not really. I tried well, I try again and I will try again. Writing is important for what I want to leave, but it is also an outlet. I use my brushes to express myself but sometimes it's the pen I need.

What is the relationship between my little notebook and this blog, you might say ... I just wanted to share these lines with you. Whether you are a painter, artist, collector, a friend, just curious ... Perhaps you will recognize yourself in certain passage, perhaps you will understand my works better, perhaps this will reassure you on your own advanced ... In any case, never hesitate to leave me a little note, a sign of your passing, it will always be a pleasure. While I decide to try the Adventure, I naturally look at the pages and websites of painters with a career already well launched. Through the photos and published post I take stock that it took them ten years to get there. So I start dreaming where I will be in ten years ...

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