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The leopard is a prudent feline with a regal gait, which symbolizes strength and power. It is also associated with the desire for freedom.

It's time to unleash your passions, live your dreams, uncover your desires and eliminate your fears.

Follow the guide… Not even scared, I go, I rush, Straight Ahead  !


Acrylic on canvas 
Format 97
  x 195  cm

Work carried out entirely by hand.
Signed on the front and back.
Delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity.


AVAILABLE at the Atelier - Contact the Artist


50% of the sale price donated to the Free Spirit Association (protection of our planet)

Straight Ahead - 97  x 195  cm


POSSIBILITE de Paiement en PLUSIEURS FOIS  (sans frais)  - Demandez-moi !

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