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Strong, aggressive and determined, it is the first of our thoughts when seeing this robust animal. It is, in fact, a rather passive animal ...


The strength of this shell is sometimes only an illusion. Go for it, horns forward, defend your loved ones, be courageous face challenges ... But inside this shell, what is hiding?


We see what we want, what we want to show us, but we never know everything ...


Nothing is what it appears to be ..


Acrylic on Fine Art paper 
Format 55
  x 72  cm

Work carried out entirely by hand.

Signed on the front and back. 
Delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity


Sold without frame. (Supervision possible on request)


AVAILABLE at the Atelier - Contact the Artist


Illusion - 55 x 75 cm


POSSIBILITE de Paiement en PLUSIEURS FOIS  (sans frais)  - Demandez-moi !

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