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A little air of Freedom at the end of the confinement period ...
This impression of flight, of lightness, similar to the flight of this bird ...
The quetzal dies if it is caged, so it is a true symbol of freedom.
At the same time when we approach too close to him, we discover his cry of danger, the company of men being unpleasant to him ... A little my feelings in these first days of deconfinement when people do not realize that the virus is still present and their presence too close to me scares me ...
This bird is a firework display of colors, with its electric green and blue head, its small crest of yellow feathers and its scarlet red belly. But what makes this creature so special is its huge tail made up of green and blue feathers, tail ..

Acrylic on Fine Art paper
Format 29.5 x 41 cm

Signed on the front and back.
Delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity

Sold without frame. (Framing possible on request)

Too late ... SOLD !!!



POSSIBILITE de Paiement en PLUSIEURS FOIS  (sans frais)  - Demandez-moi !

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