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Each zebra is unique. Not a zebra has the same stripes ... It is also a very courageous animal. He undertakes great annual migrations to seek pasture. He lives in a herd ...


Like him, I think it's important to adopt the traits and qualities that make us unique. Refuse to be led by others ... But by living with others ...

Like him, appreciate challenges and overcome them ...


Why Sezig? It means "self"


Acrylic on canvas 
Format 80 x 80 cm

Work carried out entirely by hand.
Signed on the front and back.
Delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity.


AVAILABLE at the Atelier - Contact the Artist



Sezig - 80 x 80 cm


POSSIBILITE de Paiement en PLUSIEURS FOIS  (sans frais)  - Demandez-moi !

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