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Sita was picked up by the owners of a hotel in Conakry, as a man tried to kill her with a machete to eat her. The meat of chimpanzees is unfortunately still coveted and is one of the reasons for the disappearance of the species.
Sita was injured during this episode, and lost her left eye. It was then kept in a very small cage by the owners of the hotel, to "amuse" the customers. Some went so far as to make him drink beer.
It was not until July 2002 that the CCC was contacted to recover the young chimpanzee.
Sita is a chimpanzee of extreme gentleness and kindness to everyone. She now lives in a group of adult chimpanzees in our sanctuary, her difficult past is behind her.

Want to know more about Sita and her comrades? Direction "Chimpanzee Conservation Center"

Acrylic on wood
Format 60 x 80 cm

Work made entirely by hand.
Signed on the front and back.
Delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity.

AVAILABLE at the Workshop - Contact the Artist




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