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An Indonesian legend says that the orangutan is gifted with speech. However, unlike man, he would have had the wisdom never to speak so as not to have to work ...


A need to discuss ... So true or not, I imagine him saying to myself "Come on, let's have a chat ..."


I wanted to play with the ambiguity between his big cheeks, which indicates the dominant male in orangutans, his gentle gaze, and the pink, maternal color ...


Acrylic on wood 
Format 70 x 55
  x 4 cm

Work carried out entirely by hand.
Signed on the front and back.
Delivered with its Certificate of Authenticity.


AVAILABLE at the Atelier - Contact the Artist



Come - 70 x 55 cm


POSSIBILITE de Paiement en PLUSIEURS FOIS  (sans frais)  - Demandez-moi !

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