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Ericka Artiste Peintre

What words don't say, my brushes express it ...

Ericka uses animals to express what she has to say, what she feels ...

She gives them a voice that they don't have to express her words, her emotions, her ailments ...

This is why each work  to its history. Curious about them?

So quickly! Direction the Boutique, a click on a photo and its story appears ...

Knowing his paintings is knowing a little more about the Artist ... 


Biography, Artist statement, CV



Wood is a raw and living material which accentuates the living and natural side of the animals represented. 

He brings them to life.

Ideal for a natural decoration both indoors and outdoors ...


The canvas remains the most traditional support.
This support allows you to work on many formats.

It  adapts to all interiors. 

Sezig - ErickaArtistePeintre.jpg
Ca va Bien Aller
Léon - ErickaArtistePeintre.jpg


The paper support  allow  to paint animals  by playing with the absorption of the paper, a more or less diluted paint ...

The paper should be framed ...



Behind these works hides a desire to restore a noble value to this material that is cardboard. The pleasure of a quick gesture and the absorption of the material ...

The work painted on cardboard is extended on a black canvas.


A can, a can, an aerosol can ...

Any support becomes a play area as soon as Ericka can paint on it.

Bidon Tigre

Ericka has the pleasure of being part of the "Free Spirit" association and of participating in the virtual art exhibition, EPHEMERIA, made up of committed artists sensitive to the protection of the planet and of living things.

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