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Ericka was born in 1981 in the Paris region.


After more than thirty years there, she moved to Haute-Savoie with her little family. A need for nature, to slow down ... After a short time in the mountains, she now lives in the south of France, in Sanary-sur-Mer.

And what about painting? Painting and drawing have always been a part of her life and as far back as she can remember the pencil has never been far from her. Her artistic journey began when she was very young and knew how to hold a pencil between her fingers. Since then, she has known that she will work in drawing. She fills out her back-to-school information sheets, noting as a future job "in the drawing" ....

Throughout his schooling, drawing was part of his curriculum.

In 3rd grade, she was convinced by her internship. She will be a stylist… After the baccalaureate, access to fashion schools seemed limited and at the time she did not have much information to advance in this environment. She spent a year in plastic arts college where she learned a lot. In particular, to tame color and no longer be afraid of it.

The following year, she enrolled in a styling school and began her professional life as a stylist. At the end of a few years and for various reasons, after having had her shop of clothing creation, she reoriented herself towards teaching children.

Now for more than ten years, in parallel with her teaching profession, the markers of her sketches have given way to her brushes ...

Today, she expresses what words cannot say thanks to them and the animals ...

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