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At the beginning, painting was a way to have fun, to please. Then, Ericka realized that her paintings had the role of expressing feelings or emotions. The commands we gave him said “I love you”, “We love each other”, “I won't forget you”, “Remember a place, a person”, and so on. It was no longer a question of painting only to make the pretty but to paint to move, to reach the person who looks, to say things ...

His artistic universe took a new direction in 2019 . While his subjects were very varied and following various personal trials, the choice of the animal world became obvious. She needed to express herself from deep inside  without knowing how to represent it. It is the image of a gorilla that allowed him to do so.

Since then, she has used animals, their symbol, their expressions, their gaze, to express herself. She gives them the word they don't have to express words she can't say. It hides behind them by giving them an often forgotten importance.

Ericka pays a lot of attention to the look. It must be real, strong, capture you and never let go. It expresses much more than words ...

She paints in acrylic on canvas, wood, paper and any medium that can turn into a play area. She likes to recycle media intended for the "trash". Offer them a second "eternal" life in this world of overconsumption where things are thrown too quickly.


For coloring, she uses acrylic sometimes in its fluid form, sometimes as diluted as watercolor, in aerosol ...

Her animals are first made in black and white and the touch of color comes later, depending on its symbolism, linked to the emotion or feeling she wishes to express.

Ericka uses projections for an extension of color and image. Associated with voluntarily "unfinished" contours, they leave the spectator actor of the end of the story.

Her desire is for us to feel the strength, power, and emotion with which she permeates her creations.

His contemporary style works are hand painted, original and unique.

To paint is to express yourself, to exteriorize and let yourself be guided by your inspiration and emotion ...


"What words don't say, my brushes express"

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