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What will I be doing in 10 YEARS? ...

February 2019: What will I do in 10 years? ... What if I looked first at what I am today and what I've done before ... Me is Ericka, soon 38 years old ... Oh yes already! Let time pass ... But since I can remember, I have always loved to draw. I chose a high school that offered the plastic arts option, I passed my baccalaureate and went on to a year of plastic arts college ... Why only one year? Not that I didn't like ... I loved it that year. I had great encounters, learned a lot of things in just one year. I also met a teacher there who made me love color and taught me how to tame it. It is also because of, or thanks to her, that I have fun painting on large formats. I would have to search my paperwork to find his name ... This year, punctuated by strikes with students sleeping in the corridors, whom we passed in the morning with their toothbrush, was so enriching! But at that time my taste for drawing led me to the profession of stylist. I had done my year of college while waiting to find a solution to integrate a school of styling. And once the solution was found, I saw no point in continuing my studies in visual arts any further. But I think that already, at that time, my year in college helped me in the realization of my collections. I had learned the harmony and balance of colors.

After two years in the MJM school in Paris, including one year in class and another in work-study program, school and business in the pathway in Paris (as in "La Vérité si je mens!" If so it's really like that! ), a stint in a Chinese company (which took me to China for 5 days without knowing why ...), I decided to set up on my own and create tailor-made clothes. I even had my little creative boutique in Versailles ... But after unpaid bills, insolvent checks ... all alone, I could no longer motivate myself ... So career change ... My two childhood loves were drawing and children. After having made a passage in the drawing, I decided to orient myself towards the children, and I became a school teacher. That's when the brushes started to invade my house ... Gifts to please and then special orders. March 24, 2013, creation of my Facebook page to share my passion and start promoting my paintings ... I tell myself that the family orders me personalized paintings and why not try to extend my clientele? It was in January 2018, after my back surgery that the desire to really make a living from my paintings surfaced. Being on sick leave and with a very reduced possibility of travel, I took up the brushes a little more eagerly.

Extract Creations between 2013 and 2018 - Ericka Artist Painter - Reproduction Forbidden Finally, return to work, move, change of region, change of job ... It is in January 2019, that there really, things are set up ... For the rest ... I will meet you next week ... To not miss anything, subscribe to the Club des Collectionneurs! You have loved? Let me know ... A little click on the heart, a little (or long) comment, it's always fun.

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